Chocolate Milk Mile RI

July 23, 2017   Cranston, RI

Consists of drinking chocolate milk and running a one mile race

The Chocolate Milk Mile will take place at Cranston West Track on July 23rd, 2017. Runners must drink 1 cup of chocolate milk every lap which will end up equaling one half gallon of chocolate milk. The top 5 places in the race will receive a t-shirt as well as bragging rights and beads. We already have 10+ all state finishers from the XC state meet, a New England runner up in the mile, and many more signed up to race. All entries will be accepted. We are asking that all competitors bring $5 on race day to pay for race expenses. If you know anybody that might be interested tag them in our Instagram, @chocolatemilkmile . Any questions feel free to contact me at (401)484-4623 or